Free2Luv Bead Bracelets - NEW

$6.50 - $16.50
  • Free2Luv Bead Bracelets - NEW

Rock your individuality with these custom Free2Luv bead bracelets, designed to celebrate your passion for stopping bullying, spreading kindness, and promoting mental wellness. We've designed these bracelets in our signature colors with red, black, and white glass beads.

When you purchase these bracelets, you help support our mission to create a braver, kinder, more loving world for ALL youth.

Bracelets are sold individually and in packs of 3. Also available in rainbow beads.

International shipping is available upon request. Email [email protected] for shipping fees.

When you purchase a bracelet from Free2Luv, we gift an empowerment wristband to a child and/or teen struggling with bullying, identity, or self-harm.